Drug Addiction: Is It A Choice or A Disease?

Lack of willpower | Toxic environment | Genetics | Stress | Peer pressure!

These are common phrases outside a center that does drug testing in Corpus Christi.

From an employee who has tested positive for the first time to the elderly recovering from a relapse. All these examples, but there is no one answer to why drug addiction occurs. Likewise, how should we view drug addiction — as a choice or as a disease? These are questions that leave many pondering, whilst there is no particular answer.

Daily, there are many cases of inhaling, ingesting, injecting drugs. But, what are the factors that led individuals to this stage? Were the factors under their control, or outside?

It all boils down to, Is it a disease (lack of control) or choice (ultimate control)?

Drug addiction: Treat it like a disease

Medical literature considers drug addiction to be a disease. Likewise, the American medical association too classifies addiction under the umbrella of diseases.

Drug addiction has been a major cause of various medical conditions. Excessive use of drugs has been shown to have an adverse and profound effect on the functioning of the brain. Exaggerated dopamine release, coupled with impairing of nerve cells are two results of drug use. The physical dependency on drugs controls the individual’s survival. This further hampers the individual’s thought process and decision-making ability.

Drug addiction is also known for its coexistence with other mental health disorders. Oftentimes, drugs act as a trigger point for patients’ vulnerabilities to be exposed. Also, there are scenarios where patients use drugs to reduce certain psychiatric symptoms. For example, to avoid social withdrawal, drugs are used as a tool for societal engagement. Certain drugs are consumed to help individuals escape reality. This is a common sight in the corporate sector having stressed employees.

Many drug addicts face mental health conditions like anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. 

This furthers the adversity caused by drugs in the individual’s life.

During treatment, drug addiction and mental health disorders will have to be treated concurrently. Drug testing is followed by constant monitoring of the individual. It is required to understand the extent of the damage. 

Intertwined epidemics:

Drug addiction and HIV/AIDs live in a symbiotic relationship. The risk of contracting HIV or AIDs increases by a mile, under the influence or overdosing on drugs.

But, drug addiction is considered to be a chronic condition just like others. Drug testing in Corpus Christi and its treatment are similar to common medical conditions like Asthma.

Yet, drug addiction can also be caused and cured by one’s choices.

Is drug addiction a manifestation of one’s choices?

Despite circumstances forcing one into the use of drugs, it’s addiction boils down to choice. Any use of banned substances without a medical prescription is outright illegal.

Giving in to the temptation of consuming drugs is nothing but a choice. The reasons may be several, but in hindsight, it is a mere lack of self-control. Though it is not as easy as telling yourself “I am stopping drugs from tonight”, drug addiction is always under your control. It is an obvious manifestation of one’s choice.

Choices need not necessarily be linked to the consumption of drugs, it may still contribute to drug addiction. One reason behind this issue is the growing inability to stop the use of drugs. Whilst letting drugs control your life is the major mistake, succumbing to the wants is also a mistake.

These choices can be outplayed using two approaches. One approach is a direct one where recovery is seen as a choice and used. Often, recovery or medical therapy is perceived to be a last resort. Yet, they are the only proven measure to cure drug addiction.

One more option is where external factors help the individual to understand his/her medical condition. This is possible during drug testing at workplaces. Also, the family can assist in the lifelong management of this medical condition.

For now, let us keep aside both scientific literature and ethical knowledge. We perceive drug addiction as an ultimate result. A result of individuals trying to escape pain, suffering, and other hurting emotions.

Drugs being a response to human suffering has manifested themselves into a dangerous, and at times, fatal addiction. The alleviation of stress, anxiety for a small amount of time is what drugs offer. But, it is what drug addicts crave.

Whilst this sounds philosophical, the solutions are not in a similar vein.


Acknowledge | Seek professional help | Avoid relapse

All solutions start with the acknowledgment of the problem’s presence. Drug addiction starts with thorough drug testing which is actually turning into a widespread norm, with many corporate houses making pre-employment drug testing programs mandatory. Drug testing in Corpus Christi too has increased in volume.

Furthermore, professionals are present to deal with individuals with drug addiction. With a mixture of medication and behavioral therapy, rehabilitation is a fundamental solution. Rather than denying the addiction, facing the reality and turning up for a rehab session is worth every effort.

The biggest problem with drug addicts and their rehabilitation is the scope for relapse. Though it is a normal part of the total recovery, it may hamper and at times, further aggravate the situation. Therefore, familial support and maintenance of a conducive environment for recovery is vital.


The growth of drug addiction is rampant across the world. It’s potential to destroy families, firms, relations, and everything in between is alarming. If you are an owner of a firm, understand the mandatory status of drug testing for your employees. Just google drug testing near me” and safeguard your firm from any possibility of latent drug addicts.

As an employer, drug testing at the workplace is your responsibility. From reduced absenteeism to improved productivity, a drug-free organization has numerous benefits.

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