6 reasons why you need to conduct drug testing at your workplace

The workplace is the space where all the employees put in their efforts to upscale the company. They deserve a peaceful atmosphere that ensures safety. Hence, as an employer, you should conduct drug testing of all the employees at your institute. Drug testing is the set of procedures that can identify if your employees are consuming drugs and/or alcohol to a level that can harm the company’s staff. This should be conducted in a systematic manner with a clearly written policy about all the tests and consequences of the possible results. But why should you mandate it or conduct it for your employees? Here is the answer:

1. To build a safe and reliable workplace community

One of the main reasons for drug testing at the workplace is to build a comfortable space for all the employees. By conducting pre-employment drug testing, you can say no to the candidates who are used to substance abuse. Thus, you can ensure that there are no incidents of violence or accidental hazards due to such employees.  Drug testing will also enhance the sense of responsibility among the employees. Hence, there are least chances of your employees developing the habit of substance abuse.

2. To enhance productivity

Employees who fall prey to drug and alcohol consumption undergo many physical and mental issues. They won’t be in a state to understand the work requirements and deliver them on time. Further, their absenteeism also multiplies with time. Moreover, the workload and stress on the employees who work hard for the company increase, and this also leads to dissatisfaction. This can affect to the overall productivity of the company. Thus, it is essential to conduct drug testing for the employees to ensure that your organization does not face such nuances. 

3. To save on your liabilities

Some state laws say that the insurance companies won’t compensate for your loss if the damage or injuries are a result of drug and alcohol abuse. So, drug testing is like a prophylactic action to save the huge costs that the company might have to pay in case of accidents or workplace hazards. Additionally, the insurance companies that provide healthcare insurances offer the best quotes if you are conducting drug testing at your workplace. Thus, you lower your insurance costs and can provide the best healthcare services to your employees whenever required.

4. To direct your employees towards rehabilitation (if they are a victim of substance abuse)

When you conduct drug testing, the employees’ reports will clearly tell you about their drug and alcohol consumption. There are various rehabilitation centers that can actually help such people come out of substance abuse and live a healthy life ahead. You can ask such employees for rehabilitation. But whenever they return to the job after the break, it is necessary to get them tested for drugs and alcohol use before permiting them to rejoin the company. Thus, you can ensure that the safety of your work remains intact.

5. To protect the consumers and staff members

Imagine that the person operating heavy machinery or working for transporting your goods is habituated to consume drugs and/or alcohol. There are high chances of them losing their alertness. This can result in the malfunctioning of those operations. And the consequences can be life-threatening both to your consumers and the employees. Can you bear this risk? Obviously not. Hence, look for drug testing programs in Corpus Christi. Book them for your employees before you face these destructive situations.

6. To demonstrate your social responsibility towards the community, you work in

As an employer, you have some social responsibilities towards your surrounding communities apart from your employees and consumers. Testing your employees for drugs and alcohol will make sure that the people living in the proximity of your commercial setup do not have to face adverse situations. Hence, you not only build a safe environment for your employees but also for the people who indirectly help your company to thrive in that particular area. So, never miss this step!

When should you conduct drug and alcohol testing?

After knowing the reasons behind drug testing, you might have doubts about what is the right time to arrange the testing for your employees. Here is the list of the scenarios when you should go for it:

  1. Pre-employment: Before you hire an employee, make sure that he/she is safe for your workplace.
  2. Workplace hazards: You can refer to the state laws and decide if the accident or hazard indicated some signs of drug or alcohol abuse. If you feel that you need drug testing for your employees, then contact the testing agencies in Corpus Christi that provide you with safe drug testing services amidst the pandemic.
  3. Random testing: If you have a doubt that some of your employees are using drugs or alcohol, arrange a random drug testing session to resolve 
  4. Return on Duty: When an employee returns from the rehabilitation center, test him/her for drugs and alcohol use before the rejoining procedures.


Drug testing is the sign of a responsible employer. It indicates that you not only care about your company but also your consumers and surroundings. Further, you save on the immense costs, efforts, and time that you have to invest in normalizing your workplace after an accident. The insurance companies also provide you exciting discounts if you conduct drug testing at your company. So, are you now looking for an organization that you can rely on for drug testing? Visit us at 24/7 Onsite.  Get more information about the procedure and of course some interesting quotes too!