Advantages of mobile drug testing – How onsite & mobile testing saves time & money?

Drug and alcohol use has been over rising since a very long time. Recent research has shown that in a pandemic, drug and alcohol consumption has increased even more. This has a very negative effect on the employers and their employees as it reduces productivity. So to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, especially for the ones governed by DOT, it is advisable to implement a mobile drug testing program.

With Mobile Drug Testing Corpus Christi, now the employers will not have to send their employees to the drug testing facilities to get them tested. All they will need is a private bathroom and secluded table and chair in order to get the employees tested.

What does Drug Testing mean?

A drug test is conducted to detect the presence of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in your urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat. The most common drugs that are tested include-

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Heroin etc.

Let us look at the advantages of mobile drug testing:

1. Reduced Downtime:

The initial cost of onsite testing can be slightly higher. But it is more effective as it reduces downtime and increases productivity. The employee will only have to wait for a few minutes while getting the test done rather than spending several hours travelling and waiting. Also, drug testing clinics cater to a variety of clients and many a time sick or injured clients are given preference over your employees, but with Onsite testing, your staff is given priority thus keeping your employees away from their job for a very short period.

2. Reduced Missed or Delayed Tests:

Sending the employees to the drug testing sites will increase the possibility of missing or delaying the tests. Instead, if the facilities are bought to the workplace, it will eliminate the possibility of missed tests.

3. No Compromise in the tests:

If the workers have to wait in the queue for longer durations, there is a chance of compromise in the tests. Mobile testing significantly reduces the possibility of compromised testing.

4. Increase in Participation:

Larger groups can be tested at the same time with the help of mobile testing. It also helps in eliminating the non-participants in the drug testing program. It is cost-effective for the company as it reduces the cost of transportation for sending the workers to the drug testing site. It offers ease of access in a safe, timely manner.

5. Flexibility:

Mobile testing is very flexible in nature. The employees can conveniently complete the tests and return back to work. Right from scheduling the tests to its collection, mobile testing companies handle everything for you. This saves time as you will not have to micro-manage the drug testing program.

6. Lowers liability:

For drug testing employees are required to leave the job-site and go to the clinic where drug testing is conducted. This increases the potential liability of an employee meeting with an accident. But with mobile testing the drug testing clinic comes to your workplace, thereby eliminating this exposure.


Drug and alcohol abuse is very harmful. Not only does it affect the health and safety of the employee but it also hampers productivity. Whether it is compulsory or not, your industry should introduce a drug testing program for the benefit of the employees. This will increase productivity and save your company from financial losses.

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