If you are in need of alcohol or drug testing in the Port of Corpus Christi, TX or the surrounding areas, 24/7 Onsite drug testing has multiple locations available. Our local Corpus Christi drug testing center offers services for companies in need of random drug testing, post-accident drug tests, FAA airport drug testing and reasonable suspicion testing.

Same day service is available with instant drug testing, scheduling a test is fast and easy. Drug testing methods include urine, oral/saliva, hair collection and breath alcohol testing. Instant result testing is also available at our drug testing center in the Port of Corpus Christi. We follow all DOT rules and regulations to keep your company in compliance. Our robust onsite drug testing system manages the entire drug-testing process for your employees. We conduct multiple tests at a time, making it the most convenient and cost-effective method for your company.

We are the most trusted 24/7 Onsite Drug & Alcohol testing provider

24/7 onsite drug testing services

247 Onsite specializes in Federal DOT Testing, NON DOT Testing, Alcohol Testing, emergency and scheduling Onsite Testing Events

Our team of professionals can help you schedule a drug test anywhere in the US by calling our office at 855-247-2828 or you can order a drug test online, 24/7.

24/7 onsite nationwide drug testing in the Port of Corpus Christi

24/7 Onsite specializes in Federal DOT Testing, NON-DOT testing, alcohol testing, emergency and scheduling onsite drug testing in the Port of Corpus Christi.

Federal DOT Testing

Make your transportation industry free from alcohol and drugs with random DOT testing services regulated by the government.

NON DOT Testing

NON DOT Testing is testing employees who are not regulated by the government and free from DOT regulations. You decide on the drug testing schedule.

Alcohol Testing

We provide alcohol testing by utilizing saliva, urine, and breath methods in the Port of Corpus Christi and many cities Nationwide, often within minutes of your home or office.

Instant Drug Testing

Get your drug testing results within a few minutes with instant drug testing services.

Onsite Drug Testing

Take your drug test at home, school or a workplace with our onsite drug testing service and get your results instantly.


Our Services
What we provide?

24/7 Onsite drug testing centers offer all types of drug and alcohol tests in the Port of Corpus Christi. Our services are done with standard protocols, certified collectors, and guaranteed results. 

Our Features
Why Choose US?
Standardized Process

Every specimen is collected according to DOT procedures. Non-DOT collections follow company protocols.

Strict Protocols

Collectors follow consistent protocols to assure proper handling of all collections.

Certified Collectors

Only collectors who meet the requirements of the DOT for Urine and BAT collections work for 24/7.

Actually 24-hours

Collectors in our network certify to 24/7 that they are available to do collections 24 hours a day.

100% follow-up

24/7 tracks the specimen to the lab and monitors all facets of the collection process.

Guaranteed Results

if any collection is not collected properly, 24/7 will conduct the next test at no charge.


Make Life Simpler for the Safety Director, Human Resources, TPA and DER

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