6 Advantages Of Choosing Professional Collectors Instead of DIY Drug Testing

When samples of urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat collected from human beings are tested medically to find traces of illegal drugs, the process is called Drug testing. Hiring a drug user can affect the well-being of your firm. To ensure the sanctity of your business, drug testing plays a very crucial role.

Often employers prefer DIY drug testing for the simple reason that they are cheaper, but it can have some unimaginable issues cropping up that may be arduous to resolve. On the other hand, onsite and mobile drug-testing saves time and money.

24/7 Onsite is the ultimate provider for drug testing in Port of Corpus Christi that specializes in scheduled and random drug testing.

The DOT mandates employers to use certified labs for drug testing of all their employees. Non-DOT employers can select the type and number of drugs they want to add for their company’s drug test. The most preferred method is to test the urine and saliva. Blood and hair testing is expensive.

It is always beneficial to test employees for drug use randomly as it adds an element of surprise, deterring people from using drugs. It helps to reduce workplace accidents and upsurges productivity. With the help of the software that drug testing agencies use, a random employee list can be created to periodically test employees for drug use.

In most cases, employees test negative in all the tests. That’s good news as employers want their business to function smoothly.

With all due considerations, using professional drug testing has 6 stark advantages over DIY drug testing:

  • No guarantee

DIY drug tests give only two results: pass or fail. There is no way in which one can draw a confirmation regarding the results.

When a sample is submitted to a laboratory, it undergoes an initial test called the immunoassay test. If the result of this test is negative and, the specimen does not produce any doubt, the test ends there.

If the result of the immunoassay test is positive, lab technicians proceed to the next level, where they perform the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test. At this stage, the positive results are confirmed by identifying the level and type of drug in the body.

If the specimen is diluted during sample collection, sophisticated laboratory equipment can detect it with ease. The same is not true in the case of DIY test kit result as there is no possible way to detect tampering with samples.

  • Can lead to problems for the employer

As mentioned earlier, imagine a scenario where the DIY test result of an employee is positive. As a part of the state protocol, the sample must be sent to a lab for testing. The results of this are also positive. But the employee takes advantage of the situation and argues that the samples were tampered with during transit.

His sole aim is to either stop his firing or to extract money from you. How will you prove your innocence in the court of law? Do you have any spare time to fight the lawsuit filed by the employee? The DIY test fails here.

When you appoint a professional lab testing agency to do this work, you save yourself from these nasty accusations. No employee will have the opportunity to question the results.

  • Less to no chances of tampering

DIY tests do not involve trained technicians, thus lacking the professional element. When an employee consumes drugs, he would think of umpteen possible ways to plan a foul play. Nevertheless, the internet has loads of ideas for employees to tamper with any drug test. The employees may try one of these tricks to escape.

But with trained technicians, who have an eye for detecting such crooks, the possibility to falsify the test or tamper with the samples is less likely. All the collectors at 24/7 Onsite are DOT certified in Urine Specimen and Breath Alcohol collections.

In case the sample raises any red flags, it probes for further investigation. The final test confirms or denies the suspicion.

  • No mistakes in reading the results

There are chances that DIY results might be misread. A professional collector would be trained to correctly read and determine the results. It alleviates both the employers and employees from the risk of incorrectly reading the results.

There is a very minimal chance of error that can creep in a professional employee drug test. In this case, someone’s job and life is at stake. There is no room for error.

  • Consistency in results

The levels used by the DIY tests are not consistent to get positive or negative results. Though they guarantee that the tests are accurate; but whose standards are they abiding by adds an element of doubt.

Laboratories have to adhere to strict rules, regulations, and standards set forth by the state legislation. Their manufacturing standards are strict and, laboratories have to pass rigorous inspections. So you can be rest assured that the test results are reliable and accurate.

  • Error-free

As mentioned earlier, most employees are drug-free. But if an employee tests positive, the firm must be equipped to rehabilitate that employee. Sometimes a little concern can go a long way to save someone’s life.

It can also act as a catalyst that can help a drug-ridden person to overcome drug addiction and surpass the dark times with ease.

In addition to saving a life, employers can ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone. If an employee consumes drugs, there are higher chances of risks for the person as well as his colleagues. Drug impairment can affect employee turnover and productivity, entailing higher costs for medical expenses to the employer.

There are outright benefits of choosing drug testing professionals over DIY drug testing to procure authentic and reliable results. When you are new to the business world, it might be a headache for you to shortlist the best agency for you to do the job of drug testing. 

There is a multitude of options available in Corpus Christi, but we give you all the valid reasons to choose 24/7 Onsite above the rest. Just make it easier for you, by trusting us to provide you the best service, just as our name suggests.