24/7 Drug Testing to Keep your Employees Away from Deathly Drug Threats

Safety is a crucial element that determines the productivity and efficiency of your workplace. It is imperative to frame a set of safety policies. This will ensure decorum and a disciplined atmosphere that safeguards the life and assets of employees.

When we talk about safety guidelines, we think about using personal protective garments and other ESD safety standards. But mostly, we forget about drug-related issues that drag down the operational capability and team spirit of employees.  

Identifying the unethical usage of drugs in the workplace is necessary to level up your industrial standard and maintain uniformity in work. Proper drug testing in workplaces will help to ensure that workers are mentally and physically fit to work. Hence, frequently checking employees’ nature and reinforcing workplace safety guidelines is vital to keep your office premises free of unethical drugs. 

Some Most Common Drugs Detected in The Workplace

Understanding the most commonly used drugs in the workplace and the quick & responsive drug testing hacks are imperative for every workplace. The easy availability of some drugs has increased the consumption rate. Also, the legalization of certain drugs has worsened the work culture and social well-being of individuals.

There is a need to inculcate onsite drug testing in every workplace. Random drug testing and instant results will help to boost workplace productivity.  

Now let’s see some of the most common drugs detected in the workplace:


Research and surveys have cited the uncontrolled rise in cocaine usage in the USA. The easy availability of cocaine is the reason for the unchecked flow of deadly drugs in the marketplace. With the rise in use, overdose death cases are also increasing in the US. 

Cocaine Side Effects

  • Causes uncontrollable emotional fluctuation
  • Generates headache & stroke
  • Reduces appetite
  • Loses sensitivity, running nose and causes sexual trouble 
  • Inflicts internal damages and increases the risk of HIV
  • Wreaks severe paranoia and depression


Cannabis is among the most common drugs used in American society after alcohol. As per the data, cannabis is the reason behind rising positive drug test reports. The easy availability and cheap price range have made it one of the top-sought deadly-mate of teens and laborers.

Cannabis Side Effects

  • Causes anxiety and heart attack
  • Inflicts mood swings and troubled appetite and sleep
  • Gradually deteriorates reasoning power, memory, and intellectual capability
  • Disables the central nervous system causing neurological disorders


The curb on prescription drugs has increased the demand for Heroin inside American society. Heroin is cheap and easily available. Its use and sale have penetrated into the nooks and crannies of rural America and high streets by increasing the overdose death rates.

Accidental overdose is one of the reasons behind the rising death rate due to overdose. Heroin is a central nervous depressant that causes breathing issues and sudden death. 

Heroin Side Effects

  • Bodily dysfunctions with itching and drowsiness
  • Skin infections insomnia like conditions, and related mental illnesses 
  • Risk of HIV and other lung and kidney-related ailments
  • Causes menstrual problems and other reproductive issues in women

MDMA (Molly)

3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA) is a common drug that is highly addictive. Commonly known by the name ‘Molly’, MDMA is a party drug. It slowly deteriorates cognitive abilities and dangerously dysfunctions neuro systems. 

MDMA Side Effects

  • Worsens cognitive abilities
  • Decreases sexual interest and appetite
  • Breaks down confidence and productivity
  • Long term drowsiness and health issues
  • Collapses mental balance inflicting neurological disorders


Opium-induced drugs have a high demand among teens and the labor force in the USA. Opiates like Morphine, Codeine, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl are highly addictive drugs that ruin salubrious life by providing individuals with short-term ecstasy and long-term misery and depression.

Opiates Side Effects

  • Induce confusion and memory issues
  • Frequent headache and breathing issues
  • Causes constipation and other physical issues
  • Wreaks skin-related ailments like constant itching
  • Reduces cognitive abilities and decision-making capabilities

Drug usage and narcotics-related businesses are spreading vigorously in the USA and other world nations. For short-term happiness and comfort, people rely upon deadly drugs without thinking about life and long-term physical and mental stability.

Professional stress, pressure from educational institutions, and family issues are the reasons for increasing drug usage among the youth. When it comes to workplace safety, there is a need to bring in a workplace drug testing program to ensure the safety of your workstation and the safety of the employees. 

People with drug addiction pose threat to workplace safety and productivity. It doesn’t mean that you should fire him or her from work. As an employer, you have the responsibility to safeguard the life of your employee. Finding employees with drug addiction and helping them to overcome the drastic effects of drugs is crucial to reduce uncontrolled drug penetration in society. 

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